Calcium for Nesting Birds

Being Seasonally Savvy: Give Nesting Birds a Hand

Calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds because when they need it, they need large quantities and they need it right away. This is mainly during nesting time for egg laying as well as chick development. The amount of calcium in their natural diet of seeds and insects is often inadequate and they seek calcium-rich foods as a supplement.

The source of calcium in WBU calcium-enriched products is from oyster grit or limestone dust. Both are finely ground and easily consumed by small songbirds.

Be a seasonally savvy friend to your birds by providing them with the extra calcium they require during nesting season by adding some of these WBU calcium-enriched birdfoods to your birdfeeding station.

  • No-Mess Plus
  • Bark Butter & Bark Butter Bits
  • Woodpecker Cylinders & Cakes
  • Premium suets - High Energy, Woodpecker, Smorgasbug
  • Tree Nutty Plus blend
  • PB&J Suet Dough Cake

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