Help Birds Survive Winter

How to Help Birds Survive Late Winter Weather

Typically, your feeders serve as a supplemental food source for birds. In contrast, during periods of cold and late winter weather, your birds may switch to utilizing feeders as a critical source of food that enables them to survive from day to day. So make sure your foods are worth their weight with quality high-calorie, fatty foods for the birds.

You can play a vital role by providing a reliable supply of energy-heavy food. Food can provide birds with the energy, stamina and nutrition they need. An ample supply of high-calorie foods such as suet, Bark Butter, sunflower seed, Nyjer and more can help a bird’s survival.

  • Suet as well as Bark Butter® and Bark Butter Bits are full of essential fat and protein helping birds, such as woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, wrens and others, maintain their high metabolic rate.
  • Bird food cylinders are a win-win for you and your birds. Cylinders, like No-Mess and Nutty for Nuts, are long-lasting allowing you fewer trips to fill the feeder in the frigid cold. For the birds, they are packed with high-calorie peanut, tree nut and sunflower energy to help them stay warmer. There are no shells, providing a quick energy snack for birds and no mess for you.
  • Not having to open seeds helps minimize energy expenditures for birds. Offer shell-less foods like any of our No-Mess blends, shelled peanuts, No-Mess cylinders, and suet.
  • Nyjer and Finch Blend are high in fat and protein, and they are a favorite of goldfinches, Pine Siskin and Purple and House Finches.
  • Our Deluxe Blend is loaded with sunflower and safflower seeds and millet. Millet is high in carbohydrates and is especially good for attracting ground-feeding birds, such as native sparrows, juncos, and doves.

So in order to meet your birds’ needs, it is important to have at least one foundational feeder that dependably provides food every day and does not have to be filled very often. Studies have demonstrated that a constant and reliable source of supplemental food helps to improve the overall health and body condition of wild birds.

Help your birds know your food is worth the weight by locating your foundational feeder in a sheltered location out of the wind and keep it full of the high-calorie, fatty foods that provide birds the crucial nutrition they need during the unpredictable days of late winter.

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