What Our Customers Say About Us

"Thanks so much for the wonderful gift of all the beautiful birds you have helped bring into my life, it is joyous indeed."



"Great store, the best WBU I have been in! Glad to see that the “gals still have it"."
Dottie F.


"Simply the Best. Knowledge and Kindness."
Sheila T.

5 stars

"Wonderful store, wonderful owners! It is always a treat to stop in when I am in the area."
Jenny M.

5 stars

"Without a doubt Thee Nicest Bird-Store Owners I've never met in my life ! Yep, that's right and it's beautiful. Thanks to this store, I was able to feed all the incoming birds who visited Downtown Saratoga Springs, Broadway Street, last winter ... Check out last winter's picture of my Snow Cup which was sculptured out of snow but serviced as a big Street Friendly Bird Feeder in front of Death Wish Coffee Traders right here in ... "Share-A-Toga" "
Tom N.

5 stars

"What an awesome store! Owners and staff are not only knowledgeable but warm and welcoming! Highly recommend!"
Stephanie V.

5 stars

"I live in Niskayuna and travel to this store for the majority of my birding needs. The staff is the friendliest around!
I went in with my niece and nephews and they gave each of them a bird poster as well as one free sample of bird food. Not only are they friendly, but knowledgeable as well. They answered all my questions and offered helpful advice.
I'm a recent novice bird watcher and they helped me pick out all the proper equipment I'd need. The store itself is clean, well-organized and plentifully stocked. I have other bird stores closer to my home but WBU is by far the best!"
Marcine W.

5 stars
"Thank you so much for all your help! I left the store and set up my tray and in an hour I had my first Cardinal back!!!! I'm so happy!"
Erin E.

5 stars
"Wild Birds offer an exceptional product with superior quality, function and results not obtainable elsewhere. The excellence of their product and passion for the customer experience with birds is something very rare and rewarding to find. The Wild Birds feeder systems and feed in particular provided a qualitative difference to the wide range of birds that now visit our house."
Herschel H.

5 stars
"Great store with lots and lots of bird lover items. Every time I visit the staff happily helps me. I love how knowledgeable these ladies are about birds and they manage to find just what I'm looking for (actually more like what the birds are looking for).
From the beautiful birdbath, the assortment of bird houses and bird feeding items, the Wild Birds Unlimited has helped to turn my property into a bird sanctuary that's full of beautiful chirping birds all year long! I especially love the woodpeckers who love the suet mixes recommended. I also find it a great place to purchase special gifts for birthdays and holidays."
Susan L.

5 stars
"Stopped in last week to buy another of the hummingbird feeder that we have, as a birthday gift. Always friendly, knowledgeable staff & great products on hand!"
DeRonda H.

5 stars
"Super helpful staff. Don't go elsewhere for birdseed; the birds know the difference. Splurge on the good stuff and support these folks....you'll have happy birds. :)"
Jody W.

5 stars
"Such a friendly staff and I love everything that I have bought and received as gifts from our Saratoga store. My kids and I love watching all of the different birds come to our feeders throughout the year.
I can't say enough about our Wild Birds Unlimited store!"
Kris M.

5 stars
"Enjoy going into store. Everyone very knowledgeable and friendly. I have gone in and received quite a nice education on birds. I have learned quite a bit from the Gals there. Thank you!!"
Sherry G.


5 Stars
"We have been regular customers for the past 6 years. When we moved here we bought a bird feeding system at Wild Birds that proved to be a great success. In addition to the quality of the seed and products, what distinguishes this store is the knowledge and friendliness of the staff. Their advice to us as to what seed we should provide to attract the birds we want to see has been invaluable. We now derive endless pleasure from watching the birds everyday."
Diane G.

5 Stars
"Super helpful staff. Don't go elsewhere for birdseed; the birds know the difference. Splurge on the good stuff and support these folks....you'll have happy birds.
Been going here since I moved to the area and will continue to do so. Besides bird food (great quality), there are tons of awesome feeders to choose from... along with a bunch of other stuff for bird-watching aficionados.
Great store."
Jody W.

5 Stars
"Wild Birds Unlimited is a national franchise that started in Indianapolis, Indiana. But the location in Saratoga Springs (Wilton) does not feel like a franchise. Going beyond having just about anything you could possibly need for feeding and watching birds, the friendly and knowledgeable service provided by the ladies working there will have you returning over and over again.
We have been customers for only the last couple of years but will not even think of buying our raw peanuts in the shell anywhere else. The store is clean as is all the bird food that they sell. They can even tell you the country of origin of all their products and regularly have sales in addition to a customer loyalty program. Sometimes you can also hear them co-hosting the bird shows on WAMC radio."
Roger K.

5 Stars
"This is wonderful LOCAL place, they cater to bird lovers, stocked with all top notch feeders, suets and seeds, the staff is extremely helpful and nice to deal with. Our latest purchase was the heated bird bath, I am watching birds having fun in this storm, its like a spa. We also purchased several very good quality binoculars, well priced.
You might pay a few extra $$ here, but the store is local and they cater to local artisans. Well worth a visit."
Roland L.

4 Stars
"If you have a yard you should give this place a visit. The staff here knows what they're talking about when it comes to local ornithology. They know what kind of seed to buy for the types of birds in the area and what kinds you'd like to see in your yard. There is a variety of seed available.
The feeders are as simple as a rod with a round suet-based seed ring to a multi-level birdie condominium. I chose a clear window feeder. I have had tufted titmice on the feeder a few times daily for about a month now. I had no clue what a tufted titmouse was but thanks to my new feeder I have a couple new feathered friends. Their prices are reasonable and they have specials every so often.
I found the ladies running the place to be friendly and approachable. Anything in the store will make a great gift for that person in your life who has everything. Store is clean and organized."
Laura O.


"Thank you for your knowledge, patience and superb customer service!
I left Wild Birds on Sunday and headed for Bird Territory. I encountered my first Heron of the season. Unfortunately I had not removed my new Vipers from the case and was too late to get a clear look at my feathered friend in flight as he/she disappeared behind the treeline. I DID get a chance to examine a Hawk, in detail, while he waited for lunch within the branches of a sparse forest. And I discovered that the rare, exotic bird far out on Saratoga Lake was a colorful tip-up left behind by the ice fishermen. LOVE my new binoculars!
Thank you again. Your customer service will bring me back to Wild Birds again and again."
Sincerely, Bonnie S.

"We love your store for so many reasons - quality merchandise, expert advice, an interesting variety of bird related items, and most of all, a friendly welcome when we arrive and a pleasant chat about birding and the latest news. We wish you well, and many more happy, productive years in your special store."
Fondly, Bobbi & Artie K.

"I just had to let you know that your awesome Bark Butter has scored another coup - this morning I had TWO Pileated woodpeckers at my feeder! They were eating the seeds somewhat, but both were fascinated by the bark butter feeder and stayed eating it for several minutes, then going up and down the trees - I assume putting the bark butter in the crevices. First time I have ever had Pileateds anywhere near my feeder, or even anywhere near my house!
Thanks so much for the wonderful gift of all the beautiful birds you have helped bring into my life, it is joyous indeed."
Gratefully, Elizabeth B.


5 Stars
"I love this store! We bought the big pole and baffle system and it's the best that's out there--our birds love it! We also bought most of the bird feeders to go on it. We used to buy feeders in a variety of places, but these are by far much better quality and we're sticking with them. We just bought a smaller pole/baffle system for another feeder!
Keep up the good work--we bird lovers are counting on you!"
A Google User


"For me the best part about the afternoon was getting to meet Lois Geshiwim and Nancy Castillo. I’ve been to a lot of wild bird supply stores, and the best ones are owned and managed by people who treat it as more than a job. The best wild bird stores become nature centers in miniature, on the front lines of public education. Nancy and Lois are passionate about birds and nature and conservation, and about sharing the wonders of nature with others. They didn’t decide to promote shade-grown coffee because they thought it would increase their profits -- no, they chose this because it was the right thing to do, because they want to make a difference and help the birds. It’s no surprise to learn that Nancy, on the side, writes a wonderful blog called "The Zen Birdfeeder." These women are truly committed to the subject!

Meeting these two reminded me of the story about workers at a construction site where a cathedral was being built. When the workers were asked about what they were doing, one said, "I’m nailing these frames together," another said, "I’m laying bricks," and so on. But one worker looked up with a smile and said, "I’m building a cathedral." If they don't mind my saying so, something like that applies to Nancy and Lois. They’re not just selling birdseed, they’re changing the world, and it was an inspiration to meet them."

Read the rest of Kenn's post "Meeting Kindred Spirits over Coffee".


"Hi All, We just got back from a highly successful book-signing at the Wild Birds Unlimited at Saratoga Springs, NY. Stores owners Nancy Castillo and Lois Geshiwlm did an excellent job of getting the word out we were coming, and sold a ton of our books. Many thanks, Nancy, Lois, your nice staff, and all who came!!!
Nancy and Lois are two very nice women who really know how to run a bird retail store. They give personal, expert advice to customers who want to know how to feed the birds, get into birding and buy binoculars. So if you're in the Saratoga Springs area, stop in and see them."
See our picture with Don and Lillian on their blog, "Stokes at Wild Birds Unlimited, Saratoga Springs."

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